Life Consultations for Foreigners An application is required.

■Date / Time: May 20 (Sun.), 12:30~16:30

■Place: Mizusawa Community Center (85-2 Seiten, Mizusawa, Oshu)

■Cost: ¥0 (Free)

■Available consultations

・Administrative scrivener: Status of residence (visa), family register, inheritance, etc.

・Clinical psychologist: Emotional problems, worries, etc.

・Labor consultant: Worries concerning looking for a job, changing jobs, workplaces, etc.

・Public health nurse: Child raising, health, etc.

・Social worker: Nursing care, insurance, child care, medical treatment

・Japanese language teacher: Japanese classes, how to study Japanese

※Interpretation available (English, Chinese, Korean, Tagalog)

※Your privacy will be protected.


Oshu International Relations Association (ASUPIA)

38-3 Kichikoji, Mizusawa, Oshu

TEL:0197-22-6111 FAX: 0197-22-3802